Newcomer Information

Welcome and thank you for considering Chronologically Gifted as a new guild home. In order for you to have a better understanding of what to expect when joining our guild, please take some time to read over the topics listed below.  

How to find and join us   

When your application has been approved and you are ready for a guild invite, please ensure you are logged on to one of our three combined servers: Silver Hand, Thorium Brotherhood or Farstriders. Simply type /who Chronologically Gifted and a list of our guild members will appear. Whisper anyone on the list and ask to speak to an officer or leader for a guild invite. If you have any difficulty contacting someone, please feel free to add any of the following BattleTags to your friends list and we will contact you directly as soon as we can. We are also looking for you. If you get a battletag friend requests it is most likely us or our officers. 



Newcomer initiation period  

Once you have joined, you will enter a trial period of two weeks as a newcomer. This time gives us an opportunity to interact, get to know one another and see how well we fit together. 

As a newcomer you may have two characters invited to the guild. On becoming a member you may have as many characters as you wish.


If you will be out of game for more than a few days during your initiation, please inform an officer or guild leader. If you are mostly inactive during this time, we may choose to extend your trial period. If you are inactive for seven days we will assume you have decided our guild wasn't quite what you were looking for and your characters will be removed from the guild. We realize real life happens and may force you away from the game. If you find yourself removed from the guild due to circumstances beyond your control, please Message Us and we will invite you back and restart your initiation period. 

Joining in 

We realize it can be a very lonely experience playing a low level character in a guild where most people are playing their high level characters. To enable us to have the best opportunity to group and get to know one another during your two week initiation period, we are always happy to extend a cross server group invitation by exchanging Battletag ID’s. If there is a guild event or activity you wish to participate in please don’t hesitate to speak up and ask for a cross server invite.

We welcome and encourage everyone to participate in any guild activity which interests them. Please don’t be concerned about your item level, skill level or ability to heal, dps or tank. Our guild members are very positive and supportive and never complain or negatively criticize anyone for their performance or mistakes. We believe everyone plays to the very best of their ability at all times and that will always be good enough for us.

We treat all calendar event sign ups as if they are tentative. Adding your name to the signup list is never a commitment to participate and there are absolutely no repercussions if you change your mind or are unable to attend. It is, however, very helpful to have everyone sign up for planning purposes. If you don’t have a character of the appropriate level on our servers, please sign up with your newcomer character and we’ll extend you a cross server invite when we form groups. If you haven’t signed up and decide you would like to attend, please feel free to ask for an invite. 

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