Discord and Incognito


Once we've welcomed you into the guild, we would like to invite you to join us in our Discord voice chat server. Most of our members use Discord to communicate during guild activities or just to socialize while playing. We find it helps us to get to know each other better and brings us all closer together as a guild.

First you will need to download Discord. 

Once you have Discord installed you will need to contact an officer or guild leader for an invitation link in order to connect to our guild server. If you need any assistance installing or setting up Discord, please let us know. We will be very happy to help.

Newcomers to our Discord server are initially only able to enter 'The Newcomer Room' where they are unable to move to another room or speak to anyone until they are registered. Upon first connecting you will need to contact an officer or guild leader in game and ask to be registered. Only then will you be able to move between rooms and communicate with everyone. 

Establishing your identity in the guild 

Every person in our guild is important to us. Using the same name everywhere helps us to keep track of one another and keeps us closer together. As a newcomer, we’d like to ask you to please give some thought about choosing one identifying name to be known by in guild chat, Discord and on our guild website. This identifying name will become your guild name. 

When you apply to our guild through our webhost GamerLaunch, the first name you enter initially becomes your guild name. This can be changed if you wish to change it. 

If you’ve already selected a name which is different on our guild website and Discord simply let an officer or guild leader know and we will be happy to help you with your name change. If you change your name on your own let an officer or leader know to note the change on our administrative records.


Name2Chat is a simple addon that will identify you in game. Once configured it will display your guild name immediately after your character name when you speak in guild chat. This helps everyone to identify you no matter which character you play.

You can download Name2Chat from Curse Forge. If you do not already use Curse Forge for game addons you can download the application here. You will then need to locate the area to search for addons for Retail Wow and seach for Name2Chat. As with everything in our guild, Incognito or Name2chat isn’t required, but highly recommended. Without it, short of memorizing everyone’s alt characters, it’s nearly impossible to know who is speaking in guild chat.

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