Where is your guild located?

Chronologically Gifted is located on a U.S. Server made up of the combined realms of Silver Hand, Farstriders and Thorium Brotherhood. Our guild resides on Farstriders. Your characters, however, may be housed on any of the three realms and still join us. Please note that these three realms are labeled Roleplay but we are not a Roleplay guild. In fact, there is very little roleplay occurring on the server.

What makes your guild different?

Our guild is dedicated to being an inclusive guild where all members are valued and everyone is invited to participate in any activity or event we plan unless limited by the game itself. We are a community of older adults and seniors who work dilengently to maintain our positive environment, one where we don’t have to worry about being criticized or feel stressed about how we play. Our membership ranges from new players to experts and everything in between. We believe in helping, sharing, learning and working together which enables us to enjoy the rich content of this game we love. Our guild is also inclusive and diverse in its membership. What we have experienced individually in life shapes our beliefs and passions, but we kindly ask you to leave topics that can divide us outside of the game. Please read about our rules as they are strictly enforced. 

How old are your members?

The average of our ages fluctuates around 55-60. We accept applications from adults who are 40 and above. A number of our members are in their 70s.

How do I join with no character on your server?

One way is to already have a character or create a new one on one of our realms; Silver Hand, Farstriders, or Thorium Brotherhood in order to get to know us. Later on, some members choose to boost or transfer missed characters over. Some just enjoy the new character they created and continue leveling it.

The second way is to pay right away for a character transfer to one of our realms. We strongly advise caution if this method is chosen. Our guild has a two week newcomer policy when people first join us before becoming a member. This time gives us both the opportunity to test our compatibility. If for any reason our relationship doesn’t work out, the loss of the character transfer fee would be unfortunate.

What sort of player are you looking for?

We welcome new and experienced players; senior players who may find that their reflexes have slowed; or players looking for a no-drama guild to call home.

Your item level does not matter to us nor the level of your expertise.

What classes do you need?

We encourage you to play the class you most enjoy or would like to try. All roles and classes are accepted at all times.

How can I join the guild?

If you are reading this, then you have already completed one of the very first steps! Get to know us by looking around our website and reading about us, our rules, and expections. If you feel Chronologically Gifted might be what you are looking for, we invite you to read about our application process and complete an application for membership, or Join Our Guild

Our application gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the leaders of the guild. Since we are very excited to meet new people and make new friends, we do our best to read and process all applications quickly. 

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