Rules and Expectations

Always show respect your fellow guild mates. Do not maliciously or personally attack each other in guild chat, on our website or in Discord. This includes critical or sarcastic passive remarks.

Likewise, racist remarks, political discussion, religious discussion, and homophobic or sexual comments are not permitted. Please steer away from any topic that can be hurtful to others.

If you feel you are being disrepected in any way, immediately whisper an officer or leader in game or contact one as soon as possible using Discord or Website mail. 

Chronologically Gifted is a PG-13 guild. Please keep the swearing to a minimum. Excessive profanity or vulgarity will not be tolerated.

While we appreciate unique, clever and humorous character names, we reserve the right to decline guild invites to any character with a name we deem to be borderline vulgar, profane or that we otherwise consider offensive, regardless of Blizzard’s naming policy. For example, any name with ‘tard’ in it.

As a member of Chronologically Gifted you are expected to help promote a positive atmosphere not only within the guild but also outside of the guild. Please be respectful to non-guild members as you would your fellow guild members. How you present yourself to others is a direct reflection on our guild and beliefs.

This list is not all inclusive. Anything not covered above will be handled on a case by case basis.

Guild bank 

Our guild bank exists as a resource for our members and newcomers. All items have been donated by fellow guild members, therefore feel free to help yourself to whatever you need without concern. If you find an item you can use but aren’t able to remove it, simply ask a guild leader or officer to get it for you.

The guild bank accepts all donations. Current expansion mats are greatly needed to make individual and group enhancement buffs and gear. True iron ore is always in need to keep the guild supplied with gliders especially when we can't fly. Other donated items may be saved for events, disenchanted or sold in order to generate gold for the benefit of the entire guild.

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