About Us

Chronologically Gifted was created by three senior adult gamers, who found friendship in a former guild. Together, we came to realize that we desired a gaming experience that did not focus on end-game destination while forgetting the richness of the journey. We had a vision to create a friendly, helpful guild solely for older adults and seniors; one free of elitism and negative criticism in which our members could enjoy their gaming experience with people their own age. We decided in order to have a relaxed, joyful environment that fostered camaraderie and laughter, we would have to create it ourselves.

We founded our guild on the belief that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the game itself. In addition to being an inclusive guild where members are valued and everyone plays, we also became a safe haven for older people who have had unpleasant experiences in other guilds. Even though our members range in all levels of game expertise and experience they all share common traits such as patience, understanding, and kindness toward our less experienced members and each other.

Embracing the opportunity to forge lasting friendships has greatly enriched our gaming experiences. This is why we desire to be the guild where older, like-minded adults gather and make their home. So many wonderful people from all walks of life and experiences who share in our gaming beliefs have joined us. 

We would also like to extend an invitation to you. We are always excited to meet people like us. If Chronologically Gifted sounds like the kind of guild you’re looking for, learn more about us by reading through our FAQs, Rules and Expecations, and introduce yourself by completing a membership application.

Let's all unite under one guild banner and let our journey together begin!

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